These pictures were taken at the Comsumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, NV in late Jan 2003. Although there were tons and tons of booths representing personal electronic companies, I was much more interested in the floor dedicated to car stereos :yesnod: It was like having a car show inside an electronics convention!

The 2004 CES convention seemed much larger than the previous year. And there were tons of new cars everywhere! Over 10 Minis, equal numbers of Scions and Honduhs, a few super exotics, and a couple Corvettes :) So you bet I took a lot of pictures of all the good cars. I'm not into the "Super Ricer" cars, so I only took a couple pics of their examples at the show...even though they were everywhere.

Now I know you all enjoyed that last set of pics, with the Corvettes and the Booth Babes! I mean, c'mon, those were some real hotties in person. Especially the one with the angel wings!! WOW, was she fucking HOT!

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