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Pictures of my Corvette

1985 L98 Corvette, Dark Bronze (1 of 1,030)

Pictures of my Desktop Backgounds

Pictures that I have morphed into awesome desktop backgrounds

Pictures of my Charger

2006 Dodge Charger!!!!!

Pictures of our Tundra

2001 Toyota Tundra TRD Limited iForce V8

Pictures of brother's GTO

1965 389 Pontiac GTO

Pictures of Father's Mini

2002 BMW Mini Cooper, British Racing Green

Pictures of Brother's Mini Cooper S

2003 BMW Mini Cooper S, Race Prepared

Pictures taken at track events

Pictures taken Willow Springs and Buttonwillow

Pictures taken at shows

Pictures I took at various car shows, and auto museums.

Pictures taken at CES

Pictures taken at the Consumer Electronics Show, Jan. 03 & 04

Pictures taken at SEMA

Pictures taken at the Specialty Equipment Market Association convention (SEMA) 2004

For fun, here are the little smilies that I use in forums

Hehe, I can write hidden stuff :)

Free State Project