The American Icon 1985 Chevrolet Corvette: Dark Bronze Metallic King of the Hill

All of these photos were taken with my digital camera (res:1600x1200) at various locations in southern Nevada. This first set of photos was taken before I started modding the car.

Redrock at Lake Mead Near Colorado River, other side of Hoover Dam Corvette rear 3 Corvette at night Corvette in line at AutoX
lights up in front of house Corvette Overhead 1 Corvette Overhead 2 Corvette drivers side again Corvette rear 2
AZ side of Hoover Dam Fresh out of storage 1 Fresh out of storage 2

All these photos were taken after I added the gold lettering. I really like the look and think they go well with the gold emblems I added later.

New Gold Lettering

Before going back to California in August 2003, I took the Vette for a cruise through the Valley of Fire. It's a great drive and a most beautiful location. It'd take days to hike through all the large area, so I recommend multiple visits!

I've now added Gold Emblems on the front nose, rear gas lid, and steering wheel horn button. They look awesome!

Here are some pictures of the interior and engine bay. The 40th anniv. mats still look great even if it's not a 93 :) I've also recently eliminated the mufflers and spare tire. It sounds sooo awesome!

Corvette Hatch Area Corvette Gold interior 1 Corvette Gold interior 2 Corvette interior 3 Corvette 5.7 Liter L98 Engine
Muffler eliminators 1 Muffler eliminators 2 Muffler eliminators 3 Muffler eliminators 4

I've also got pictures of me Autocrossing the Vette as well as Drag Racing. The first few are of me before going to an AutoX event.


These last pics were taken by the master photographers at Las Vegas Region SCCA

Corvette at AutoX 3/22/03 Corvette at AutoX 3/23/03 Corvette at AutoX 6/29/03

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Isn't that the sweetest, cleanest 85 Vette ever! And she'll whoop down on any ricer's ass. I hate honduhs and kill them at every opportunity. I also hate the mother-fucking ford focus; I'll never let one of those pass me!! And don't even get me started on the rustang :U They really suck ass and most of them only have a V6. HAHAHAHA